• Part D

    Directions :

    Read the following text from which 10 words have been removed. Choose from the words.the most suitable one to fill each numbered gap in the text (46 -55). There are FIVE extra words that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

        When I tell people that I work from wherever I want, whether it be home or a friend’s office,

        I am generally met with a bit of scorn or a response that points out how “lucky” I am. Actually, I’m just getting to 46____ what millions of people are already living: the mobile office.

        Office space has undergone marked changes in the past few decades,with wooden desks being 47____ by customizable cubicle walls and desks, then shifting to many of the new open-office de-signs we see now. This evolution is continuing as 48____ realize that mobile technology is keeping workers away from the office more than ever.

        Perhaps the most 49____ change this year is something that has already begun. Thanks to in-creasing 50____ on mobile devices, professionals can make a seamless transition from home to meetings to the office, with clients and 51____ never realizing the change in location. Phones can

    easily be routed to cell phones, and cloud-based file storage means documents can be 52____from any device with an Internet connection.

    As the 44 work anywhere,,trend continues to grow, professionals will have more 53____than

    ever. They ’ II no longer be chained to a desk eight hours a day,allowing them to be more 54____and more reachable when they’re needed. In time, the office to include any location where an Internet this will most likely 55____ the definition of connection is available.

    A. accessed
    B. businesses
    C. confidence
    D. considerate
    E. created
    F. custormer
    G. efficient
    H. engineer
    J. notable
    L. provide
    M. reliance




                        參考答案: M,F,G,O,H,J,I,N,A,K